Thursday, January 22, 2009

Catz Need to be Stress Free!

There is so many things going through my head right now, coming and going and over and over again. I’m not in a good mood, I`m not in a happy place and neither in a sad place, maybe I’m PMSing. I should be getting them in a few days n-eways. Maybe it’s my environment, my entourage. Well this is what I can say, I’m Félix and I am ready to explode, I am carrying too much weight on my shoulders and everyone around me does not seem to get it. Félix must be weird, Félix is just lazy. I’m pretty sure you all know how it is being a 19 year old college student trying to pass all of the courses and managing your love, social and work life. It is already hard enough; any individual would feel like blowing up. On top of it all, you’re working on a personal project with some friends, hoping that maybe… just maybe that little project you got goin`on, you’re Fashon (term meaning fashion coined by Félix) little baby will bring you independence, big bucks. Imagine not having to work for anyone, it’s a wonderful dream; I sure hope it does come true. Now if I could just get the idea of what the f*@k biology really is, every time I study for this ish I seem to get stuck. My thoughts wonder while the material is processing into my head, just pray I do not fail this exam. As you can see I`m not at a high level of multitasking. My homies, are they truly my home catz? I’m precious, sensitive and just slightly a drama queen and I am owning up to it but my home`s seem to enjoy making me the bud of all jokes, I do not think this is exaggeration. Sharing my ideas, my thoughts, my personal life with friends is a way of showing that I trust them, now having a Felix exhibition and even in front of my face is something I call disrespectful, you should never treat a fellow hustler this way. Now joking around about your ish with your crew is one thing and it is GoodtimesGoodtimes but jokin` around about your ish with acquaintances is crossing the line (no more Goodtimes). Catz have one perception of you but strangers that hear your buiznazz ( business coined by Félix) for the first time assume that you are that type of person and it usually not positive. I have learned my lesson and there are some things you should keep to yourself. I believe in being open but don’t let people get too close, there are some exceptions but just be careful for shiz! Catz don`t let your home`s down and keep it reaal!

Je garde en tête que ce n`est pas la fin du monde et je me rendors !

Félix the Home`s Catz

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