Monday, December 29, 2008

Masculinisation of female fashion and androgyny

I’ve had this attraction for fashion since I was old enough to dress myself. I have always been able to incorporate my feline elegance into my numerous looks even when I was in my preppy phase, emo, punk and indie. All these fashion phases have a common denominator: ¨masculinity¨. Male clothing, male style and male swagger are things I find sexually desirable and pleasurable. Even though my style has evolved from colors to darker colors and colors again, I have maintained my lust for the masochism which constitute my look. There was a moment in my ¨Fashon¨ (term for fashion coined by Félix) life I had explored androgyny at its best. It was around my indie rock phase pre-emo. Androgyny means men and women; andro (man) gyny(woman). The term is referred by either gender and is very popular in the entertainment industry. Nowadays fashion has been selling this look; models’ faces and mannerisms appear more awkward and even singers use this look to sell themselves i.e. Lady Gaga. My unisex appearance combines my femininity and my masculinity: my ruggedness and my scruffy look mixed with my thought of makeup and my hourglass silhouette that compliments my feminine side. They called it the garçonne, a 1920`s look in which women did not flaunt their feminine curves and bandaged their breast is back minus the breast bandage. Marc Jacobs wears heels, Madonna wears a suit, Victoria beckam has an interesting boy cut, guys have longer hair than women and the late Yves Saint-Laurent sells eyeliner for men and Texan model Cole Morh poses for Marc by Marc Jacobs’s female clothing line. Expansion of identity beyond boundaries, acceptance of self and not quite a division of sexes is how I define androgyny.

I believe it to be very Avant Garde to be able to combine female and male characteristics together. It is attractive… sexual ambiguity… it is world wide. It has been inspired by the androgynous peers in the media such as Boy George, Annie Lennox, and even by music genres such as Punk where unisex style has always been present. Now I am content, pleased and more than ready to embrace this style because now I have no need to feel too masculine because of the way I dress. My style can be sexually ambiguous and I could still look drop dead gorgeous.

Now I must leave you with the song Androgyny by the band Garbage

My fave. Androgynous individual Brian Molko from the band Placebo