Thursday, January 22, 2009

History Just Bit me in the Ass.

I believe that I can say that I am part of history! Of course there is the fact that the president of the United-States of America is an Afro-American but I’ve recently been touched by the recession. Yes, yes I am unemployed. Last week my boss had called me, which was quite weird because they just never call. See I used to work for a survey company, where I would call owners or newly owners of a specific car brand and ask them a couple of questions regarding the purchase, lease or service of their vehicle. It was annoying, asking the same questions to those son of Bi*tches….sure some of them were nice people, others were bigots, others did not speak a word of English and a large majority of them would tell me their boring life stories. While working, I would read that month’s Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ or Nylon or just simply daydream about the best sex I’ve ever had…..Oh Jeremy is incredible. Back to my point, Alexis my boss contacts me and tells me that because of the economy she must let me go. They decided to give all the calls to the Americans instead; I guess they needed it more than we Canadian employees. I knew that day would come; I just didn’t think it would be that soon. Now I am currently looking for a job, I have an interview next week for this cubicle job as a customer service employee for the bank as well as
training for a cell phone company. All should be fine, I’m maybe broke but at least I have my health!


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