Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Reflection of a Teenage Heart

This simple human, her simple walk. Happiness runs through her voice as she speaks to the man who wishes to marry her. She thinks about how life gets more complicated as we age; undeniably we have noticed time pass by faster then we had expected. Humans do not know that it is lost; it is gone, until it isn’t apparent anymore. Compare the then of our youth to what we are now. She is just a young adult facing all the obstacles and more, as any adult her age eventually surmounts. She has definitely seen worse, therefore she keeps her head high, and prays to whomever is up there hoping that she can wake one morning when the sun has just risen, look out her window and stare at the world: a new day with no worries, no tears, no cries leading to a scream and hopes of escape, no more internal destruction. That day will be the beginning, a fresh start with the man that she now wishes to marry. As all of her important cards fall from her wallet in front of a crowd of travellers, she tells her love that she will call him back, and then picks up these indispensable objects. These cards hold her back, that job holds her back, school holds her back, materials hold her back. She takes her seat, embarrassed by the fact that she had almost fell, and realises that she will never be free; she will never be free from society. But what does it all mean? Then again, she is a minority, will she ever truly be free ?

She transitions in and out of sleep.

Félix Dupri

Thx Mama!

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  1. Felix, im really digging the new header pic, and new color, it's more vibrant! see u sunday!