Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good on paper or not? Just a thought.

The verdict is…. Well let me just explain. Where is my life going, where am I going to be in three years (well in University) because I am a college deadbeat. I can’t manage to finish my psychology program because everything about it I despise, I have this huge disgust for the program. There was a time when I thought I could be a future shrink, write books, get on Oprah and then the queen of talk shows would eventually reward me for my great work and give me my own show! Been in college for almost three years when it takes 2 years to finish this fuckin’ shitty ass shit program, still here. So the verdict is…. I’m not good on paper, then why do I judge a man by what is written on his paper if I am no better. I’m not good on paper and now I must finish my Integrative Seminar paper.

Félix Dupri

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  1. I wouldnt say you're bad on paper and you're far from being a college deadbeat although i like the term lol. You took an extra semester, you know i know people that have been there waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay longer than you ;) everyone has their own speed, just do your best. As for dating, it's important to look at the resume, if you see ex-convict, there are precautions you must take...:P